How to Train a Certain Scientific Railgun (Episode 4)

Summary: AU. Misaka Mikoto dies and everyone is devastated. Touma meets a Misaka doppelganger and decided to train her to become the new Misaka Mikoto.

this is Touma’s narration of things
this is current Touma’s thoughts



Touma had to make sure to be twice as careful as before. If Saten was able to discover his secret before even sending Imouto to play her part, then there’s a risk he will be made before his scheme even starts. He was giving Imouto another round of helping Imouto familiarize herself with the places in Academy City. Especially the places where he knew Misaka is mostly seen in.

“So you’re wearing the shorts I bought you?” He asked when finally they decided to rest.

They were taking a cup of coffee on one of the places Misaka usually hangs out. The bench in a park where the trees stand tall and gives shade.


“Okay good. You need to get used to that from now on.” Touma instructs and the girl nodded.

“‘MISAKA however wants to know what kind of humor the original wants to say by wearing shorts.’ MISAKA speaks out the thought that’s been bothering her.”

“Beats me. Like heck would I know.” He shrugged and finished his coffee.

Imouto just nodded and copied Touma, also finishing her drink.

“‘What is the next lesson?’ MISAKA asks, wanting to speed the lessons and meet new friends.”

To be honest, I’m not sure myself.

He didn’t gave an answer and took his time thinking, letting the silence fill the air for a while. It was then that his eyes reverted to the vending machine he’s been seeing in his peripheral.

“Ah. Roundhousing the vending machine!” He exclaimed and immediately pulls her by the hand towards the machine. “As far as I’ve known, Biribiri would always roundhouse these machines to get a drink.”

He said as he stared at the machine with a smile. The certain vending machine holds a memory that he missed.

“‘Touma wants MISAKA to attack this unmoving matter to get herself a drink?’ MISAKA wanted to clarify his intentions.”

“Yep. That’s the way she does it.” He nods. “She doesn’t play nice with them. Add that to the rulebook, okay?”

“‘New rule added. Bling!’ Says MISAKA as she tried to mimic a bell sound.”

“You don’t have to do that.” Touma mumbled. But that act gave him a new lesson in mind. “Oh. I almost forgot. You can’t speak as the third person because that would really be suspicious.”

“‘MISAKA will take note of it.'”

“And no, you don’t have to say your name all the time. That’s just ridiculous.” He added.

“‘Understood.’ Says MISAKA as she- I, salute Touma.”

Oh for crying out loud!

“You don’t have to tell me specifically what you have and will do. I can see that.” He tried to be very patient as he try and teach her the basics of being ‘normal’.

“‘Then MISAKA- I will stop.'”

“We’ll work on that.” He chuckled at Imouto’s attempts to change her manner of speaking.

But as always, while the day is seemingly perfect already, something will always pop up and get in the way. In this day, Touma’s phone.

Its ringing had filled the silence and almost startled Touma.

“Yes?” He answered but he was surprised to be greeted by an angry sister.

“Touma! I’m dying already where’s the food stock you were bragging about?!” Index yelled on the othet end.

“E- Erm.. Index..”

“You forgot didn’t you?” Index caught him, raising a brow on him.

-I’m sure I resupplied it.. unless a gluttonous sister ate everything.-

“I- I’m actually on my way to buy some food!” He lied. Index knew that because his voice was shaky snd nervous.

“I want to come with you.” She suggested.

“No, no! I can handle the groceries myself!” He rejects. The last things he needs is Index chewing on his head.

“I can help too Touma! And I want to try doing groceries with you!” She pressed.

With a sigh from the young man, Imouto noticed that he had such an unfortunate life.

“Alright. I’ll come pick you up in ten. Get ready and don’t go anywhere until I arrive.” He ordered, knowing Index would run off somewhere if he comes late.

“How will I know you won’t come after you do the groceries?” The young sister inquired, having doubts that Touma really plans on picking her up.

“I will, okay? Just wait there.” He said and ended the call before she shouts at him. He pinched the bridge of his nose before slipping his phone in his pocket.

“‘No lessons today?'”

“You get to have half a day of break. Continue familiarizing yourself with the places and hangouts around here. When I get back, I’ll give you a test, alright?” He gave his ‘homework’ to her to keep her productive for the day. “And please wear the disguise I bought you.”

“‘MISAKA does not want to wear artificial hair when she’s already an artificial crea-‘”

“I get it. But while you’re in training it’s best to start thinking you’re a real human being and that soon you’ll be known as the Railgun. Okay?”

Imouto nodded and it made Touma feel at ease even for just a bit.

When he was gone, Imouto did as she was told and walked down the familiar streets she and Touma were familiarize earlier that morning.

But as she does her work, she sees a Judgment armband lying down on the ground. She turned to the people walking around but none seemed to care.

“‘So you’ve been abandoned.’ MISAKA tells the armband as she picked it up.” But after saying so, she halted her movements and realized how quickly she disregarded Touma’s lessons. “‘His request is oppresive.'” She mumbled and finally continued to pick up the armband.

Just as what a good citizen would do, she will return the armband to its owner, if she couldn’t find it.. she’ll have to go to Judgment.

But on that morning, Konori Mii, Shirai and Uiharu’s senpai in Judgment, was waiting for the new recruit all morning. And coincidentally, Imouto was the one who walked up to her carrying the Judgment armband.

“‘Excuse me. MI- I think I’m lost. I’m looking for the Judgment Branch in this district so that I-‘”

“Well you found the right place!” Konori said, an expression of relief forming in her face. “I’m glad you showed up at last!”


“Hurry up and wear that already! We’ve got a lot to cover!” Konori said in a hurry and helped Imouto pin the armband on her shirt.

“‘You’re giving it?'” The confused Imouto asked as she watched Konori pin it in the sleeve of her shirt.

“It’s yours the moment you got it.” The senior replied and grinned. “Didn’t they brief you about the basics?”

“‘Oh the basics. Yes, I’ve been briefed shortly. There’s been an emergency of some sort so I had to study everything by myself.'” She replied without mentioning any names.

It would’ve been easy to figure out it was the wrong person if her response wasn’t as closely related to what that Judgment member had in mind.-

“I see. Well let’s get started and I’ll give you a tour!” Konori offered and led her to Seventh Mist to start their little tour.

It would also be very easy to actually say it was a misunderstanding if Imouto had a little bit of sense of direction. Wouldn’t she know that the Judgment member dragging her isn’t part of my scheme?

They walked and walked as Konori points out every nook and cranny of the place. As Judgment member, Konori seems to have memorized the shortcuts and roads to anywhere she wants to go. Like a walking navigation map.

Imouto was able to keep up to her yapping and was also able to take note of places she didn’t hear from Touma earlier. Helpful and resourceful about her ‘homework’, Imouto was able to blend in just fine.

“I guess we’ve covered a lot already. Want to try real Judgment work now?”

“‘I’m supposed to take the test now?'” Imouto asked. Konori didn’t quite catch up to it but tried to give meaning to what the rookie was saying.

“Nah, just gonna introduce you to the stuff you’ll do in the future.” She says. “Oh by the way, you never told me your name.”

The girl pauses to come up with a fake name fast. She knew Touma would yell at her if ever she was near to compromise again.

As soon as her artificial brain had processed the name, she had to say before she gains suspicion. “‘Akasi Otoki.'”

“Akasi Otoki?” Konori repeated, incredulous about the name.

“‘Yes. I just moved here and I came from a far away province.'” Only now did she realize how hard it was to come up with a selling excuse.

“Hmm.” Thoughtful about her vague background and hometown, the ignorant senpai decided to let it slip. “Since you’re our only recruit this year, I’ll wait until you’re ready to really tell the truth.”

The observant female looked into the eyes of her senior, trying to figure out what emotions lie behind her smile.

“‘Say, Konori-senpai.. are you.. are you somehow related to the Railgun?'” She asked without considering that she may be compromised.

“No. She’s.. she’s too cool to be related to someone like me.” The older girl replied and finally the mask came off. Imouto however didn’t show any victorious smirk. She remained emotionless as she carefully studied the complicated facial expression of the older female.

“‘According to your reaction, you knew the Railgun. Is she a close friend?'” Imouto continued to press further into the topic.

“W- Well..” turning away from Imouto, Konori struggled to construct the right words. But then she was reminded she’s not required to answer. “..ah look at the time! It’s getting late!”

Imouto didn’t take it in a negative way and just let it go. It wasn’t mandatory that she replies anyway.

She followed Konori to lead her to a store and treated her some food for lunch. Imouto requested a warm black tea- milk tea afterwards.

After killing time, Konori led her to explore more of Academy City and sharing her own discovery of certain restaurants, shops and even shortcuts that not everyone knows about. Imouto noticed that she’s completely dodging out of the topic regarding the Railgun but she knew Konori had questions about it.

“So now we’ll go with the real deal.” Konori announced and snaps Imouto out of her train of thought.

“‘Real deal?'”

“We’re going to sweep this place clean.” Konori grabs a broom after they arrived in the place where they’re tasked to clean.


“Yeah. Look at this place,” Konori spreads her arms to show Imouto the trash scattered everywhere, “its a mess.”

“‘Aren’t the cleaning robots created to clean?'” Imouto wondered.

“Yes but this requires manual labor.” Konori threw a broom at her so that they could start cleaning. Imouto caught it.

“‘MISAKA doesn’t understand the reason but MISAKA will do her best to clean.'” After saying so, Konori turned around in curiosity but the girl just started sweeping off the trash.

Little did Konori know, the girl was baiting her to talk about the Railgun.

Wanting to ask what Akasi Otoki was trying to depict, the older girl stopped herself. Still not ready to open up about the topic.

If it wasn’t for the disguise I bought, Imouto wouldn’t be able to act this out.

Silence was the friend of awkwardness. The friend of a gloomy atmosphere and a situation that doesn’t want to talk about things.

Both girls just swept the mess that they didn’t make until a familiar scene happened. The phone ringing.

“Yes?” Konori picked up.

“Ah Konori-senpai, I’m glad you picked up! I’ve been trying to reach Shirai-san earlier.” Uiharu said in the phone.

“Shirai? Is this an emergency?”

“Not particularly. Just some lost items that needs to be found.”

“Sure, I’ll take care of it. Just send me the list.” Konori said and she could hear the sigh of relief from the stressed co-member.

“Thank you very much Konori-senpai!”

When the call had ended, it didn’t take long that she received a message about the details of the missing items.

“‘Judgment also look for lost things?'” Imouto asked, taking a step towards Konori.

“There are a lot of things that Judgment does. For now you can start with cleaning and helping me find the lost items.” Konori said, still ignoring the fact that the suspicious person with a suspicious background is standing in front of her and somehow spoke in a third person view of Misaka.

It could be any other Misaka out there but remembering the girl asked about the Railgun earlier makes it unlikely true.

Imouto didn’t bring it up either and played along. It wasn’t hard since the items are already found and people were just waiting for the owner to pick it up.

While walking towards their last target venue, Konori had crossed out to items from about the last one.

“Man, nothing new here.” The senior mumbled, finding it troublesome that they had to do the work of picking up the lost item and give it to the owner.

Imouto remained silent and observed her. She was confused why she was different from Touma and Saten.

“Excuse me,” an elder called out to them, “I’m a visitor here and I was on my way to visit a family member when I found myself walking in circles. Could you please guide me to Tokiwadai?”

“Ah of course!” Said the helpful Judgment member.

While she gave directions to the elder, Imouto had a thought that will help her ease her confusion. The elder left after recognizing the landmarks Konori mentioned and said he now remembered the way back.

It was the time for Imouto to make her move.

“‘Konori-senpai.. I know a shortcut back to our office branch.'” She spoke and caused Konori to look up at the sky then her watch.

“Time flies fast when you do patrols and mappings.” She muttered then turns to Imouto. “Sure, lead the way.”

They went to a dark alley where they felt shivers down their spine. Like it was filled with a gruesome atmosphere of some sort.

Imouto stopped walking after reaching a dead end.

“Er, Otoki-san, there’s no way there. They blocked it weeks ago.” Konori informed.

“‘MISAKA is aware. Which is why MISAKA led you to go here where no one will disturb this conversation.’ Says MISAKA, feeling relieved that her plan had succeeded.”

“What are you saying? And stop talking like that.”

“‘This MISAKA’S serial number is 10032. MISAKA is created for the purpose of dying for someone’s benefit. But the project was shut down and now MISAKA’S mission is to find all the original’s friends and help them smile again.’ Says MISAKA, wanting to clarify the situation.”

The senior member trembled at the shocking truth that the clone had imparted.

“Why.. are you telling me all this..?”

“‘MISAKA had analyzed your worth and responsibility to handle the truth and finds you certifiable for the task.’ Explains MISAKA.”

“W- What task?” Konori asked as she tried to keep her composure up.

“‘MISAKA wants Konori to be her means of contact to the involvement of crimes in Academy City. Judgment may not have access to everything but MISAKA believes it’s enough to acquire information needed for the project.’ MISAKA further explains. ‘Also, this project is confidential even for you. Not until MISAKA has also confirmed your loyalty to keeping this secret.’ Adds MISAKA.”

With too much information and the request of the clone, Konori wasn’t able to move nor think anymore. As if everything happening at the moment was too much to comprehend.

When the stunned senior wasn’t able to reply, Imouto continued.

“‘Once Konori think she’s ready to fully get herself involved with MISAKA’S selfish request, Konori will have to speak with MISAKA and ask for the passcode response for ZXC741ASD852QWE963. MISAKA will not rush your decision nor persuade you to agree. But MISAKA will be waiting for your agreement or disagreement.'” Imouto takes a step towards the exit way of the alley but stops after passing by Konori who was still left frozen at the revelation. “‘Also, MISAKA would be grateful if none of this spreads by tomorrow.'”

As soon as Imouto left those words to let Konori think about her request, Imouto also left her, remembering that anytime soon Touma will be back from his grocery trip with Index.

“Hey.” Touma greets when he finds her sitting in the same seat from earlier. “Ready for the test?”

“‘How did the grocery go?’ Asks MISAKA.”

Instead of replying to her question, he raised a brow on her. “And you quickly got brainwashed while I left you.” He states and crossed his arms. “Anything happened while I was gone?”

“‘Define ‘anything’, requests MISAKA.”

“Like anything that will bring you close to compromise?” He said and Imouto shrugged.

“‘Nothing like that. MISAKA simply did as she’s told and famaliarized herself with the place.'”

She acted normal and Touma didn’t have a clue what she did.

“Alright, let’s go take that test.”

However at the end of the day, there’s something that Touma kept thinking about.. how was Imouto able to know places he didn’t teach? Not even places that he knows or a mere citizen.

How to Train a Certain Scientific Railgun (Episode 3)

Summary: AU. Misaka Mikoto dies and everyone is devastated. Touma meets a Misaka doppelganger and decided to train her to become the new Misaka Mikoto.

this is Touma’s narration of things
this is current Touma’s thoughts


CHAPTER 03: A Certain Training Goes South


Touma got up early from bed and left Index again. But this time, he asked Tsuchimikado and Stiyl to check on her from time to time since he wasn’t sure when exactly he’d be home.

He ran towards the meeting place that he set for him and Imouto. The same meadow under the bridge where he and Misaka once fought.

“Good morning!” He greeted with a bright smile on his face.

“‘You’re late for 6 minutes and 22 seconds.’ MISAKA informs the happy gentleman.”

But this didn’t wipe off the smile in his face, it seemed natural that Misaka would say it to him.

“I’m sorry. I had to make sure Index’s guardians are trustworthy.” He explained the reason behind his couple of minutes behind schedule.


“She’s a friend of mine. I’ll let you meet her when you’re ready.” He said, hiding the anxiety of imagining the meet of Index and the new Misaka.

“‘When MISAKA is ready?’ MISAKA wants to ask for an explanation regarding that matter.”

“Er, well.. Misaka and Index aren’t in good terms and since you’re going to pretend as Misaka you can’t just suddenly play nice.” He explained in the most understanding way possible, without causing any misinterpretation of their relationship.

“‘Then MISAKA will meet her as MISAKA 10032 and not the original.’ MISAKA suggests so that she can meet Index without bringing suspicion that MISAKA is pretending to be the original.”

“But you ARE her! You look exactly like her! The only thing different is your undies, manner of speaking and your name!” He points out. But realizing he couldn’t let go of the fact that Imouto doesn’t exactly catch how the real Misaka would clothes and accesorize herself, makes her non-Misaka already.

“‘Then should MISAKA not wear anything underneath?’ MISAKA asks in wonder how the original dresses herself.”

Oh goodness no!

“Er, no, no, no, no! Heck no!” He denied her suggestion with red hot cheeks at the thought.

“‘Then how will MISAKA have to dress herself from now on?’ MISAKA continues to ask.”

“J- Just.. well..” he stuttered on his words as he thought about it.

Is she seriously allowing me to dress her up? Let alone do anything I say, this girl is nuts! But then again I asked for this, she’s simply abiding my terms. Isn’t she curious if I’d be lying to her to take advantage? Ah, screw this, I wouldn’t do that.

“We can start by wearing something that Misaka usually wears underneath her skirt. You don’t have to worry about the clothes. Tokiwadai requires the students to wear uniform whether they are in class or not.” He starts his lesson and the girl listened attentively.

This is going well..

“So after we buy a couple of those, you have to take note to be very cautious of your body. Make sure you act preservative and not the whole I’m-staring-at-you-because-you-are-perverting-me kind of act.” He said sharply when he remembered Imouto didn’t react when he peeked and stared at her striped undergarment.

“‘What do you mean by -act preservative-?’ MISAKA asks.”

“Well of course you can’t let meb touch you whenever and wherever they want!” He scolds. “You have the right to kick, punch, slap or use your ability to shove them off!”

“‘Including you?'”


“‘Yesterday Touma lifts MISAKA’S skirt to pervert her. Should MISAKA retaliate?'”

“O- Of course not! The rules weren’t set back then!” He tried to dodge out of that one. He was relieved Imouto nodded at his justification. “Anyway, one more thing is that you are a fan of any Gekota product.”

“‘Gekota is for kids.’ MISAKA informs Touma so he will be aware on what kind of rule he is requesting MISAKA to abide.”

-I know that! But you wouldn’t be Misaka without your Gekota-fanatic self!-

Touma takes a deep breath to try to further convince the girl to submit to his rules. He needed more patience to so so.

“Yes, yes. But it’s all part of the act. Just act like a fangirl when you see any Gekota item so you won’t be suspicious. Don’t forget to mention them at times too. And also note to always hang around areas where there are Gekota merchandise being sold.” He spelled out the things to do but Imouto raises a brow on him.

“‘Isn’t Touma going overboard with the original’s real habit of collecting Gekota?’ MISAKA asks after listening to the deluded request of the young gentleman.”

“I am not deluded! That’s how I see Misaka!”

“‘Then would it be alright if MISAKA can add certain habits and anything related to the original when MISAKA performs her impersonation?’ MISAKA offered to Touma another term that MISAKA had thought of just now.”

Touma pauses for a moment to let her offer sink in. True that he was getting too much into pushing Imouto to act like Misaka and that will overact everything.

“Alright. Terms added.” He agreed. So you’ll add anything to her character however you see fit?”


-Alright, not bad. At least I know you’re thinking and contributing.-

When they made an agreement about the new term included in their deal, Touma decided to lead and invite Imouto to shop all Misaka clothes and accessories needed as a beginning of the act.

As they walk back to the streets, Touma realized that Imouto wasn’t much aware of the places and decided to give her a tour on their walk.

All was going well until..

“Hey is that Misaka Mikoto?” Asked a citizen passing by them. The recognition again made Touma’s heart jump.

“O- Oh she’s not! She’s a cosplayer!” The same excuse as before.

“‘MISAKA is a fan of Misaka. Ha-ha, Ha-ha.’ MISAKA adds to further explain why she looks like the original then laughs nervously.”

-You didn’t have to say that!-


“Oh hoho, it’s time to go Misa-chan! The costume we ordered is ready for pick up!” Touma said aloud and grabbed Imouto’s wrist to pull her away.

Awkward and obviously suspicious, he decided to cover her face for a while. Until she’s got the basics in becoming Misaka, she needs to lay low.

He bought her a black cap and shades then forces her to wear civilian clothes for the meantime. Imouto however rejects the shades and wants her goggles.

“You’ll catch attention than keeping a low profile if you wear goggles!” He chides. “Plus we haven’t found your goggles yet.”

“‘MISAKA needs it.’ MISAKA tried to convince the hotheaded gentleman.”

“Why you?!”

Never mind. I’ll talk to her about her manner of speaking after the other basics that she needs to learn.

The two went shopping, Touma had to pay for everything.

While they were in the girl’s section, Touma noticed he was running low on budget and told Imouto he’d be back and that she should stay and to keep a low profile. When Touma was gone, Imouto was reciting Touma’s rules to herself.

“‘Rule number one, keep a low profile. Rule numbee two, act preservative. Rule number three, when rule number two is violated an act of punishment is advised. Rule number 4, act like a Gekota-fanatic. Rule number 5, always wear shorts under the skirt. Rule number 6, do not speak of MISAKA this or that to others. Rule number 7-‘”

While Imouto was reciting the rules, she spots the swimsuit area and somehow a memory flashes in her head.

In curiosity how the certain swimsuit had triggered an image in her head, she walked towards it with her hand reaching for it. But as she does, her hand bumps into another.

“Oh. I’m sorry.” The girl beside her apologized seconds after pulling her hand away.

“‘Do you like childish bathing suits?'”

Imouto turned to the girl and her cheeks slightly showed pink shades.

“Erm, no, no! You got it wrong!” She quickly denied. “It just reminds me of someone!” She added to lower the suspicion.

“‘Remind you of someone?'” Imouto repeats, wanting to question who it was.

“Yeah. Someone close to me.” The girl said with a smile but behind that smile Imouto can see the obvious sadness written across her face as she spoke vaguely about the certain someone.

“‘That person.. is she-‘”

“A- aa! There you are Miko-chan! Don’t run off on your own!” Touma arrived with a cao covering his face. He quickly grabbed her wrist to pull her away from the familiar girl.

“‘But Tou-‘”

“Tou-chan! Call me Tou-chan! Seriously, we’re family! Don’t be shy!” He gripped the hand on her wrist, wanting to hint that she should shut up and keep walking.

The girl was left in confusion as she watched them walk away.

Arriving back at their training ground, the two removed their caps, the shopping bags beside the sitting Imouto.

“You’ve almost compromised everything!” He snaps.

“‘MISAKA did as you’re told. MISAKA did not mention MISAKA’S name and the fellow customer had no clue.’ MISAKA defends her actions.”

“That was Saten right there! Just a little bit more and she could’ve recognized you!”

“‘Saten?’ MISAKA requires an explanation.”

“She’s one of Misaka’s friends. Close friends in fact!” He explained the risk of having a talk with one of Misaka’s close friends.

“‘MISAKA apologizes for the lack of knowledge regarding the original’s circle of friends. But in MISAKA’S defense Touma had a fault by not giving those details that needs to be known.'”

Fair enough.

Touma sighed and sat down beside her, taking a breather from his anger earlier. He had a fault in it too.

“I’m sorry. I just didn’t want to risk it.” He says.

“‘MISAKA saw the same sadness in Saten’s eyes. The one MISAKA always see in yours.’ MISAKA shares with Touma her observation.”

“So you can see through us by looking in our eyes?” He asked.

“‘Yes.'” The girl allowed a few moments of silence before speaking. “‘MISAKA wants to know if pretending to be the original will take the sadness away.'”

“Of course.”

“‘Then MISAKA wants to do whatever it takes to take the sadness away from your and everyone’s else’s.’ MISAKA declares and locked her eyes on Touma.”

“I- Imouto..”

“‘MISAKA no longer has a purpose in life. She’s grateful to have met Touma and gave her a new purpose.’ MISAKA spoke her thoughts. ‘MISAKA wants to thank Touma by making him happy again.”

The two stared at each other for a short time, letting the heartbreaking moment sink in.

“That would’ve been less creepy if you weren’t talking as the third person.” He joked, deciding to finally break the silence.

But after breaking it, they caught each other’s eyes and for some reason, there was this force that was telling Touma to lean closer to Imouto.

He allowed himself to follow the force until..

“I knew it! You’re Touma!” Cried a girl’s voice from behind.

“Gah! Saten-san?!” He gasped in surprise.

“There’s no way I’d forget your voice!” Sateb exclaimed but then her eyes locked on the girl beside him. “Misaka-san?”

“Saten-san, I can explain!”

“You knew she’s alive all along?! And you’re hiding her for yourself?!” Shouts the angry girl.

“What? No! I-!”

I was planning to share her after I’ve trained her actually.

“‘MISAKA’S name is MISAKA 10032. The original is where everyone know she really is. Inside a coffin.’ MISAKA clarifies the misunderstanding.”

But the way she said it didn’t affect Saten in a way Imouto thought it would.

Saten’s eyes had gone teary. Not because of Imouto’s words but because of the grim reminder of Misaka’s death.

“Saten-san..” Touma wanted to comfort.

“You’re hiring someone to pretend as Misaka-san?! How could you?!” Snapped the girl. “Making an illusion like that!”

“I know that alright?! I know I’m fooling myself more than anyone! But can’t you see how we’re all torn apart without her!” Touma snapped back. “I just wanted to fix everything, make a clean exit when we can stand on our feet again!”

“And what if they find out before your clean exit? Won’t that ruin things more than it already is?!”

“Just.. SHUT UP!”

Touma reached his end and had nothing more to say about the argument. He had a point but she was right. There’s a big chance he won’t even make it halfway of his little scheme.

Touma looked down on the grass, his eyes also teary, not wanting to cry in front of others.

“I blamed myself for her death.. and I know everyone else blame themselves.” He says with a calm voice this time.

“I’m sorry for snapping at you like that. You were right. I blamed myself too.” Saten confessed. “Which is why I panicked when I saw how risky your scheme is. I didn’t want to just stay in the sidelines and watch someone play as Misaka.”

When the two had calmed themselves, Imouto took the chance to speak.

“‘MISAKA will try not to let anyone down. As long as Touma and Saten also will try to keep their heads up and not sulk.’ MISAKA gives her conditions to keeping the act.”

“Of course. We’ll try.” Touma says but then turns to Saten. “Are you with us on this?”

“Just involved.” She says. “I won’t help but I’ll keep it a secret until she’s revealed herself. Shirai-san, Uiharu and everyone else are still sad. So I won’t to give this insanity of an idea a chance.”

“Thank you.”

How to Train a Certain Scientific Railgun (Episode 2)

Summary: AU. Misaka Mikoto dies and everyone is devastated. Touma meets a Misaka doppelganger and decided to train her to become the new Misaka Mikoto.

this is Touma’s narration of things
this is current Touma’s thoughts


CHAPTER 02: A Certain Railgun Doppelganger


It’s been a week since Academy City’s level 5 esper’s demise and just yesterday, Touma attended her funeral. He saw how much Kuroko and the rest were devastated because of their loss. Their friend. Touma himself had to admit he haven’t gotten over it.

After leaving Index with enough food supply to last her a day, he left the house to ‘find a life’. He needed to find a way to get over his problem as soon as he could. The pain in his heart is choking him endlessly. And despite the feeling of being choked, he doesn’t run out of air, he can breathe and he still lives. But he would always question himself how long will he live like that?

While walking in the casual streets of Academy City, he finds himself staring at a Gekota store that was built recently. He could imagine a certain someone would always be hanging around nearby and would most probably be a regular customer in such a store. He smiled as his imaginary Misaka was staring at the window of the store, peeking at the items in the store. Touma decided to allow himself to believe that the imaginary Misaka was real and that for some reason they are playing a game of ignoring each other.

But as he walked passed his imaginary Misaka, the wind blew her skirt and revealed striped blue and white panties instead of Misaka’s usual undergarment. Touma’s eyes widened as he halted his movements to have a better look at those striped underwear.

It can’t be!

His eyes that were locked on the underwear blinked when the skirt had fallen down. Furious that he failed to examine it, he knelt down to raise the skirt after going back, he stared and blinked and scratched his eyes but it didn’t change.

“Come on! I’m not imagining Misaka like this!” He scolded himself, still thinking that the glimpse of imaginary Misaka’s underwear was his doing.

But this made Touma realize he was actually touching the girl’s skirt. And that whoever it is, is a real person. And not his imagination. Immediately, he pulled away and stumbled backwards, eyeing who the girl was. He was caught in for another surprise to see a familiar Tokiwadai uniform, the pin, those eyes, the medium length hair.. it’s no one else but..

“Biribiri!” He exclaimed.

In fear of any electrical shock from her, he closed his eyes and covered his face with his arms. But there was nothing of the sort. He opened one eye to peek if somehow his hallucinations had taken him to the next level, but no, the girl was still there, staring at him.

It was odd because she was unusually quiet and calm about it. Usually they’d run for it because she did one of her tantrums and overheated another security robot.

The silence between them was getting thicker by the second. Touma couldn’t talk, not knowing what to say. He was glad that there aren’t people to see him do what he did. When the girl in front of him realized he wasn’t gonna speak, she decided to start the conversation.

“‘You’re that crazy fellow at the alley.’ MISAKA states as she points a finger at the boy in front of her.”

“E- Eh?”

Crazy fellow? Back at the alley?

Touma couldn’t place it but somehow he finds her way of speaking oddly familiar.

“‘You were fighting an enemy you can’t see.’ MISAKA supplemented, hoping to clear the confusion.”

“A- Ah! You’re real!” Touma points back at her, his tone mixed with joy, relief, anger and disbelief. He couldn’t understand his own feelings, so he decided not to listen to it until he’s sorted it out.

“‘MISAKA sadly informs you that the act you showed last week is under the degree of insanity.’ MISAKA informs as she dropped the pointed finger from him.”

Touma raises a brow on her, all mixed feelings disappearing almost immediately. Something wasn’t right but the way Misaka offends him before was still there. Something else was not right.

“Are you.. really alive..?” He asked without thinking.

“‘Certifiably insane. No doubt.’ MISAKA praises as she mocks a laugh. ‘Ha-ha.'” However the way the girl laughed had no feelings nor did it sound like a laugh that mocks him.

“I would’ve lost my cool if you didn’t laugh.” He muttered, almost wanting to hit his head on a pole.

Is this really Misaka? Did she miraculously survive in exchange of her brain or something?

While he was stuck in thought, he looks back at the girl to see that she was muttering loud things to herself.

“‘He’s commenting on MISAKA’S laugh. Ha-ha, he must be jealous, ha-ha.’ MISAKA whispers to herself.”

Touma swore he wants to hit his head with something. Something was entirely different with Misaka that morning.

“I can hear you, you know?!” He yelled at her.

No, this can’t be her. It can’t be. She’s too.. different.

Frustrated with the fake Misaka, he hits his own head with his fist, forcing himself to erase hallucinations that he was seeing and talking to. The girl tilts her head to the side in confusion towards his actions. It wasn’t anything she could comprehend.

“‘Is something wrong with your head?’ MISAKA asks, disregarding his angry shout earlier.”

Why? Why is she acting like this? Where is the Misaka I once knew?

He stopped hitting himself when the ‘hallucination’ didn’t disappear.

“You’re not real.” He said weakly, his hand covering his eyes.

“‘MISAKA is real.’ MISAKA confirms. ‘MISAKA can eat, talk and do everything that everyone can.’ MISAKA adds, hoping to be enough proof of her existence being true.”

But Touma wasn’t satisfied with her answer. Touma was sure she was different from thr Misaka he knew.

He dropped his hand grabbed the girl by her vest, his hold gripping on her clothes. His eyes sharply staring at her, trying to intimidate her dead blank eyes.

“You’re -not- the Misaka I know. You’re not.” He told her but she didn’t faze.

“‘MISAKA haven’t seen you before, other than the time back then.’ MISAKA clarifies that the boy was still a stranger.”

“Then why are you calling yourself ‘MISAKA’?!” he inquired, his anger causing him to push her towards the wall, people nearby heard him and soon if he won’t let go, someone will call for Judgment.

“‘Because that is MISAKA’S name.’ Replies MISAKA.”

But Touma couldn’t force himself to believe it.

Another Misaka? Isn’t she an only child?! Why is there another..?

“‘MISAKA doesn’t have a phone number so you cannot contact her by using-‘” the girl’s speech was cut short when Touma pulled her from the wall to drag her to an isolated area.

“What? You’re Misaka’s sister or something, what are you to her?” He asked. Curious why she looked like Misaka.

“‘MISAKA is from the MISAKA network. There are 20001 clones over all and we are scattered all over Academy City to fulfill a task in playing with a certain powerful esper. We..'” While the girl was speaking, Touma was lost not even half of it.

Someone who looks like Biribiri.. her hair, her eyes, her height.. not everything is right but if.. what if.. I train her to be like her? To be like Misaka Mikoto.. that way.. everyone.. everyone would be back to normal.

With the thought in mind, he felt happy with his evil plan. A genuine plan.

When the girl was finished- no, cut finished by Touma, he smirked as he observed and examined everything that needs work.

“‘Were you even listening?’ MISAKA asks the crazy fellow as she squinted her eyes at him.”

“Listen Imouto, I want to tell you something.” He started to introduce his scheme when he’s finished examining the girl.

“‘MISAKA’S serial number is-‘”

“You’re Misaka’s Imouto to me.” He cuts her off for the third time. “You’re not her, just someone who looks like her and the best way to explain why is because you’re her imouto. Understood?” He said, but it wasn’t like he was waiting for an answer.

Imouto gave him a look that says ‘so you weren’t listening after all’ but Touma failed to notice it since he was too caught up with his genuine plan.

“When it’s only the two of us, I call you Misaka’s Imouto but to everyone else, you’re Misaka Mikoto, the Railgun.” He stated his rules to implant into Imouto’s brain what needs to be followed.

“‘The original.'” Imouto was supposed to say something else but she expected that Touma would cut her off again so she kept it that way.

“Yes, she’s the original and you’re a copycat.” Touma nodded. “And I want you to pretend to be her for the meantime.”

“‘You thought about this without thinking if MISAKA does not want to be a part of it?’ MISAKA asks, purposely discouraging him not to expect too much.”

“Yes. It’s not much of a choice. It’s a must and an order.” Touma said strongly. It was a long shot but he was desperate. He needed Misaka on his side.

“‘MISAKA will think about it.'”


“‘MISAKA is given a free will to do what she wants.'” She informed him and he was taken aback. He almost forgot that in front of him was another human being with a life and most of all- she was not Misaka.

He let her go and steps away from her, finding himself a threat to her safety and her free will to do what she wants.

“‘MISAKA agrees to your terms if you agree to MISAKA’S terms.'” the girl added and she saw the glimpse of happiness in his eyes again, almost relieved.

“Of course! What terms?”

“‘MISAKA is looking for her goggles. She needs help in finding them.'”


Stunned by the simple request, Touma wanted to confirm it before assuming anything. “Is that all?”

“‘Yes.’ MISAKA confirms.”

Stupid and simple.

He forced a laugh and felt comfortable around her the moment she had confirmed it. He knew that after he’s fulfilled her request he can turn her into his own fantasies of Misaka.

He scratched the side of his cheek and asked, “So where have you last seen it?”

“‘On MISAKA’S bedside table.'”

“At your house? Shouldn’t you be looking for it there?” He said as a matter of fact way.

“‘MISAKA lives at the hospital. MISAKA already checked twice but did not find it so MISAKA thought the doctor took it but MISAKA doesn’t know where he lives.’ MISAKA says calmly as she tries to explain the situation.

Misaka, Misaka, Misaka… this is annoying.

“Once I’m done with your terms, you’ll submit to mine right?”



“Okay then. So what were you doing back there?” He remembered seeing her by the new Gekota store, so he pointed a thumb at the direction of the store.

“‘MISAKA thinks the doctor lives there.’ MISAKA replies as she passed by you to head back to the store.”

Gekota huh? I thought for sure you’ve got the same taste as her.

Touma chuckled internally at the resemblance of Gekota and the doctor but then it dawned him that they haven’t properly met and that Imouto is on his way towards the store.

“Hey wait up!” He called and ran after her.

“‘MISAKA can speak to the doctor after she finds him.'”

“I know, but didn’t you gave me your terms and said you needed my help?” He reminded her. “So I’m helping.”


“My name is Kamijou Touma by the way.” He said and was about to stretch a hand forward but stopped himself halfway. “Just saying.”

“It’s nice to know ‘crazy fellow’ has a name.’ MISAKA compliments before turning around to head back to the store.”

“H- Hey that’s a compliment?!”

It’s good to know you have a name too, Imouto.

The two entered the store and finds the cashier reading a magazine, an obvious boredom painted in his face.

“How can I help you?” The cashier asked as soon as he spotted the customers enter through his peripheral.

“We’re uh, looking for some goggles.” Touma said with certainty so Imouto took a step forward.

“‘MISAKA is looking for a doctor. Does he live here?’ MISAKA inquires.”

“Misaka?” The cashier repeated, somehow recognizing the name. Touma’s heart skipped a beat and immediately locked his eyes on the cashier. “The Railgun?!”

As soon as the cashier spoke those words, Touma was troubled that news will spread fast about Misaka’s doppelganger before he could train her to become the real Misaka.

“A- Ah she’s, err, she’s a cosplayer! And man she’s a big fan of Misaka Mikoto!” He stuttered his excuse, the best he can come up at the moment.

“Huh?” The cashier seemed confused.

“We’re trying to memorize a line from a famous author! So uh, we have to go.. after uh, buying this.” He randomly grabbed a Gekota keychain and placed it in the counter.

Awkward and obvious, instead of suspicion the cashier was confused. But either way punched the tag so that Touma and tbe ‘cosplayer’ could buy it.

“Please come again.”

When they left, Touma and Imouto were walking in the streets with no direction where to go. Imouto was just following the quiet and humliated Touma. Not like it was new to him.

“‘We still haven’t found my goggles.’ MISAKA decided to break the silence and reminded Touma about the missing item MISAKA needs.”

“I know.” He mumbled. “Until we find it you can’t be Misaka..”

Imouto knew he was talking to himself but since she could hear it, she decided to speak up.

“‘While we’re in the process of finding MISAKA’S missing goggles, MISAKA can learn a few things to be the original.’ MISAKA states.”

This quickly lightened up Touma’s mood and hugged her without warning.

“Awesome! I’ll teach you everything you need to know!”

When he released her, Imouto puts a hand on her arm, feeling the leftover warmth from the hug.

“I’ll train you to be the certain scientific Railgun that everyone wants and misses.” Touma declared.

How to Train a Certain Scientific Railgun (Episode 1)

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Summary: AU. Misaka Mikoto dies and everyone is devastated. Touma meets a Misaka doppelganger and decided to train her to become the new Misaka Mikoto.

this is Touma’s narration of things
this is current Touma’s thoughts


CHAPTER 01: A Certain Memorable Tragedy


Misaka Mikoto is one of the seven level five espers in Academy City. A powerful esper that people fear other than Accelerator and the other five. Because in Academy City, power defines their level and status and Academy City. Just as Level 5 espers are treated with both admiration and pride, Level 0 espers are treated as mere people who’s importance and existence is barely acknowledged. Well if you’d want an example how to explain the difference between a Level 5 and a Level 0, I’m going to use illustrations.

Misaka Mikoto, Level 5, Kamijou Touma, Level 0. So between these two who is well-known among Academy City’s population? I’m willing to bet it’s not me because if it is, then I wouldn’t be in the middle of getting beat by a bunch of thugs because I happen to try and play hero. But if it’s Misaka who tries to play hero, it’s not her butt that gets beaten, it’s them. Just a simple electric shock will frighten them and bring them to their knees. The illustration hurts but it’s reality. Reality here in Academy City. —

“Gah!” Touma groaned after the final punch that hit his stomach.

“If you dare mess with us again, we’ll beat you ’til you stop breathing.” Warned the leader of the thugs, the one who hit him.

The group walked away from him, laughing at the Level 0 esper whom they enjoy beating. But then a girl with long black hair jumped in front of them, her eyes glaring at them as she spread her arms wide.


“Apologize to him!” Saten yelled.

But the request of a Level 0 isn’t recognized no matter what. Even if it’s a request to a fellow Level 0, it is disregarded. The thugs laughed at her. To them she’s merely a girl with no power, no status and no chance of winning if she’d pick a fight with them.

“We’re all in the same level! Why do you treat us as if we’re lower than you?!” She growled.

“Because we trample on those who are worthless so that we can rise up!” The leader replied with an obvious tone of bitterness as the words escaped his mouth.

But it wasn’t just him who was hurt about their situation. Even Saten know how it felt. She’s been hanging out with higher level espers and she sees them do great things. Things that someone like her can’t do.

“Well then you are fools!” Touma shouts as he got back to his feet. His face serious as he glared at them with equal sharpness as an angry powerful esper. “You can beat me, mock me, or even belittle me but when you pick on someone that way and use them as stepping stones for your delusional concept of rising up- I won’t forgive you.”

Saten’s arms slowly dropped as she and the thugs locked their eyes on the convicted young man.

“Delusioned concept? Just who do you think you are?! Speaking as if you’re any different!” He struck a nerve. Touma knew that. But he wasn’t afraid. He’s been through worse case scenarios and this isn’t even half of it.

“Look at yourself. You’re trampling on a fellow citizen who’s status is the same as yourself. It doesn’t lower the status of any other espers but ourselves. So does it make a difference?” He expands and the leader felt speechless.

All this time they were ganging up on the wrong people.

“Maybe you’re right.” The leader agreed and turns back to Saten. “Our apologies, miss.” After admitting his mistake, he nudged one of the members nearest to him in the ribs and cocked his head to a certain direction before leaving.

When they were gone, Touma fell back on the ground, groaning in pain as his stomach still ached. Followed by a clap echoing from the shadows in the corner. Saten and Touma’s attention were caught by the sound.

“Ah, he did it again.” Says the person in the shadows.

Saten’s eyes widened in surprise while Touma’s stayed the same, as if he already knew she was there all along.

“Misaka-san!” Saten exclaimed in surprise.

“I’m glad you’re alright Saten-san.” Misaka says in relief. Bu then her eyes glanced at the young man darting her a squint and a raised brow. “What?”

“Oi Biribiri, why are you here?” He asked and immediately Misaka’s cheeks turned red.

“Don’t call me that! My name is Misaka Mikoto!” She corrected before spinning her foot to face away. “Besides, I thought Saten-san needs help. Turns out you were here so I’m no longer needed.” She informs him the reason of her hidden presence and Touma nodded, somehow accepting her reasoning.

“Thank you, sir. For protecting me.” Saten said as she offered him a hand to stand.

Touma smiled and reached out to her hand to get back on his feet. Misaka starts to walk away, not wanting to be there when Saten realizes who Touma is to her.

“Well, I should thank you too, for standing up to me.” He said and did not let go of her hand to do a handshake.

“I’m Saten by the way.” She shook his hand.


“A pleasure to meet you, Touma. So what’s your relation with Misaka-san?” She asked out of curiosity.

There are times that Saten would see Misaka blush because of embarrassment when she doesn’t want to admit certain things about her childish taste, and this is the first time that she blushed because of a boy. Or embarrassed by being called a nickname by a boy? Saten couldn’t say but she knew it had something to do with Touma.

Touma caught the glint in her eyes and felta dose of anxiety flow into his veins. One wrong word and the young girl in front of him might and will interpret it wrong.

“Err- well, nothing really. I just happen to try and save her when apparently she doesn’t need help at all.” He tried to make it sound as non-interesting as possible. He saw the girl nodding, buying his story.

“I thought it was something more of a lovey-dovey.” She spoke her suspicions and internally Touma was relieved she really bought his story. It’s true anyway, their relation is nothing special.

Unless trying to kill each other every time they meet is a sweet and romantic scenario. After all, Misaka seems to feel unease that never once has she beaten him in a fight.

“Well it’s nice to meet you Saten-san, I’ll be going now.” It’s best to make a run for it while there’s still a chance.

“Oh you’re right. I forgot I’m supposed to meet up with someone!” She gasped, remembering that Uiharu reminded her a dozen times not to be late. “I’ll see you around Touma!”

As soon as she’s left, Touma allowed a smile form in his lips, thinking that Misaka had normal friends. Not that he didn’t expect she’d have normal friends but she seems not the ordinary type.

He looked up the sky, remembering those old times about him and Misaka. Not the sweet memory either but somehow, when it’s Misaka, it makes him feel this tingly feeling that no matter what kind of memory they make together, it’s worth remembering.

Unknown to him, Misaka was also thinking about him. Not in a way he’d thought it would be, if ever he thinks about how Misaka think about him.

“That idiot!” She mumbled to herself as she walked down the streets at the dark night.

To her Touma was always the idiot. She couldn’t describe their relation any better than rivals. Deep inside she was confused.. confused that whether she wins their fight or not she’s happy. Okay, she never won. But she could feel it. That odd happiness every time she gets to spend her time with Touma even just for a short time.

She hates to admit but it’s how it works for her. When she sees him, there’s this uncanmy excitement starting to form and when they made an encounter, the excitement and energy bursts into her whole body and she’s happy.

They chase each other- she chases him, he runs until he gets tired of it or get away. It may odd but for Misaka it felt as if that little encounter is something different entirely.

Misaka shook her head, trying to shake away her thoughts of Touma. A thought she’s not ready to accept- no, the feelings she’s not ready to admit.

“Take that!” Yelled a man from nearby.

Misaka heard screams and shouts and laughs echoing from somewhere. The men shouting a mockery and laughing towards whoever their victim was.

“Ah stop it!” Cried the girl they were beating.

In a hurry to save this victim, Misaka ran towards the source of the sound when her phone rang. It was natural to pick it up.

“Yes?” She answered, hiding the fact that she’s running at the moment.

“Onee-sama! Where are you?!” Shouts Kuroko on the other end. She sounded pissed. And Misaka had a clue why.

“Ah, hehe, Kuroko, I’ll be there in a moment! Just running an errand that’s all.” She stopped running and tried to breathe as normal as possible. She doesn’t need Kuroko scolding her for doing another Judgment work when she’s a citizen.

“Oh really? Saten-san made the same excuse when I called her a few minutes ago.” Kuroko stated suspiciously and Misaka could imagine Kuroko tapping her finger on the table already.

“I- Is that so?” Misaka asks nervously.

“Yes, Onee-sama. So tell me where you really are! I know you’re with Saten and Uiharu.” Kuroko inquired.

Misaka felt nervous as droplets of sweat poured down on the side of her face. The big surprise that they were planning for Kuroko would be ruined.

“I- I was with Saten-san but we parted ways just before you called her.” She confessed.

“I knew it!” Kuroko’s voice rising as she felt victory shine upo her. “And I assume this location we’re going to is the place where my birthday will be celebrated. Am I right?” She guessed again.

Misaka knew she can’t hide it any longer.

“Yes.” She admitted in defeat.

And currently she could imagine little Kuroko jumping in joy at the success of the inquiry of information. But something else was causing Kuroko to feel so happy.

“Onee-sama I’ll be waiting for you! Then maybe together.. ahh~!” The lesbian roommate started to exclaim ecstatic moans as she starts to bring up illusions to herself.

Pretty much, Misaka had a good guess what Kuroko was thinking.

“Goodbye Kuroko.” She said and was about to end the call but then Kuroko stopped and spoke with a serious voice.

“I’m worried.” She said. “I called Uiharu earlier she said she’s on her way but when I called again she’s not responding..”

“Maybe she found herself eating some sweets or something. Or in a hurry to prepare the surprise.” Misaka tried to assure her roommate that Uiharu was alright. But then she had a thought. A thought she wished was wrong. “Kuroko.. do you know where Uiharu was the first time you called?”

“The intersection near the building that is under construction.” Kuroko replied. “Why?”

Misaka’s eyes darted in directions everywhere, figuring out where she was standing in. She spotted the building under construction then she ran a few meters towards the intersection and sees Uiharu’s phone.

“Onee-sama, are you still there?” Kuroko asked when her beloved Onee-sama didn’t respond.

“I’ll call you back.” She didn’t wait for Kuroko to say anything and just ended the call. She had a pretty good guess who the victim is. “Uiharu..”

She picked up Uiharu’s phone and hurried to her aid.

When she’s tracked Uiharu’s location, she finds them on the side of the train where huge rectangular metal cases are lined up. There are a group of familiar men she saw earlier.

Her blood boiled at the sight of the scenario before her.

“Uiharu!” She called her friend’s name.

Uiharu who was bruised and beaten lifted her face up from the ground. Her one eye having something dark around it because of the fist landing there moments ago. She was relieved to have seen Misaka before she faints.

“Are you Judgment too?” Asked one of the guys who was cracking his knuckles, ready for another round of fighting.


“Are you an esper?” Another one asked and to answer his question, Misaka emitted sparks of electricity from all around her body.

The two men nearest to her took a step back, frightened what her ability could do.

“I guess that answers your question.” She said in an angry tone. Her once innocent eyea now stared at the men with a furious and intimidating glare. The men felt the need to run but for some reason they couldn’t move their feet.

Misaka then raises her hand, a coin placed on top of her thumb while her index finger around it, a signature move that she and everyone else knew that will hurt a lot. Could even kill.

“I- It’s the Railgun!” One of the men recognized and turned to his boss with pleading eyes.

“A Level 5 esper? We’re not afraid! Besides, those leveled espers are our enemy! We shouldn’t fear them!” Their leader scolded.

“I don’t know how you fools get to live this long for being such a dumbass,” Misaka says as she positioned her thumb, ready to flip the coin, “but let me tell you this,” she flipped the coin, “you could’ve lived longer if you just stuck yourselves to being Level 0’s and not desire to be anything more than that.”

A warning that pretty much the five men understood. When they felt their knees trembling, one of them gathered all the strength he can get to force his legs to move and run for his life.

The rest followed his lead. But running away won’t make a difference. As soon as the coin falls midair in front of Misaka’s index that was pointed in their direction, a strong and powerful blast of electricity fired from her finger. Destroying everything that it comes across with.

When the blast had stopped and disappeared, Misaka waited until the smoke had dissipated to see what had happened to the men, finding that their bodies weren’t there.

Clap! Clap! Clap!

Misaka turned to its source and finds a certain young man wearing black and has pale white hair, a crooked smile on hia face.

“I enjoyed the show.” He says. “But I couldn’t let you kill those poor stenches.”

He jumps down from the top of one of the shipping containers and walked towards Misaka to have a better talk with her.

“You saved them.” She guessed, her angry expression remained.

“You saved her.” His eyes locked on Uiharu who was still unconscious from the beat-up. “She’s your friend, they’re my toys.”

“I don’t care if they’re your toys. Go find a new one.”

The young man laughed his ridiculously loud laugh. Misaka chose to ignore him and let him do what he wants. She could sense that he’s a powerful esper if he could withstand the damage from her attack. Let alone save the men and himself. He could be fast.

“I’m waiting for her actually. She’s late for some reason.” He said and shrugged. “What do you say you play with me for the meantime?”

Before she would answer, she turned to the side to see the skies that are now orange as the sun was descending.

“I’m not interested.” She replied and knelt down to Uiharu’s side to carry her to a safe place.

“I’m a worthy opponent.” He tempts but Misaka wouldn’t budge. “Come on and entertain me already!” He yelled and with a wave of a certain force, Misaka and Uiharu propelled away.

Uiharu’s body rolled on the gravel, gaining more bruises and small cuts. Misaka was relieved when she finally stopped rolling. She was still unconscious. Misaka on the other hand, used an electromagnetic force to keep herself in a safe position before standing up, glaring at her attacker.

“I told you to entertain me.” He continued to press.

“And I told you I’m not interested!” She emitted a force of electric wave from her whole body, causing a blackout all over Academy City for a couple of seconds. However the young man remained unfazed.

Misaka walks away and there was one thing the young man knew that will force her to fight him.

With incredible speed, he dashed towards Uiharu’s body, passing by Misaka first. Misaka saw where he was headed and ran after him. She wouldn’t let him even touch her.

“That’s the spirit!” Encouraged the young man, followed by a laugh that he can’t restrain.

“Get away from her!” Misaka threatened, her right hand forming a ball of energy to swat him away.

Although it missed, she was relieved he jumped away and stopped his pursuit. But the relief didn’t last long when the young man kicked one of the shipping containers towards the girls.

It bounced and rolled as it was headed towards Misaka and Uiharu. Misaka quickly carried Uiharu behind her back and ran to the other end where she was sure the container would only pass by them. But upon reaching the other end, she was surprised to see another one coming faster than the other.

She drops Uiharu behind her and with her ability to control the iron dust, she waved both arms into an arc, creating a thick shield from the upcoming attack.

The container came and hits the shield she created, creating a huge dent as it passed by her and Uiharu. But not a few seconds had passed and another one came flying towards her.

“Onee-sama!” Kuroko called her name.

Misaka’s eyes glanced at her direction, seeing Kuroko with a very worried look in her eyes. A crease formed in between her brows as the fear of her senior getting hurt because of Judgment work came true.

Kuroko met Misaka’s glance and everything went in a slow motion. Their eyes meeting, Kuroko’s mouth agape, Misaka’s lips mouthing something as her final words. It was a moment Kuroko wished lasted longer.

Misaka smiled at her roommate for the last time and followed by an immediate an brutal death.

“ONEE-SAMA!” Kuroko’s voice echoed throughout the whole side of the city.

The side edge of the box hits her face, crushing half of the front of her skull as her body was pushed to land on the gravel she once stood in. As the box had passed, a set of rocks with incredible speed followed and hits her body like a gun piercing through her body.

Tears poured down on Kuroko’s eyes as she teleported to Misaka’s side and teleport her out of target’s range. Kuroko herself got hit with some of the rocks but she ignored it. To her those stones are just pebbles touching her skin in a violent way. She could bear it. The sight she witnessed was different. It was something she couldn’t bear.

Her eyes then darted towards the direction where the rocks were from but no one was there. It didn’t matter, she locked her eyes back to Misaka and hugged her body, not holding back the tears that fell from her eyes.

“ONEE-SAMA you idiot! Why can’t you just let Judgment do their job?! Why can’t you just stay in the sidelines?!” She chided.

But it was too late to change anything now. It was too late.

Touma arrived at the scene, panting. His eyes widened in shock as he saw the bloody Misaka from a distance. He saw Kuroko crying over her lifeless body. The bloody corpse of his rival- no, he couldn’t bring himself to ever call her that. To him she’s more than a rival and a sparring partner.


The moment was as gloomy and dark aa it already is. But then it started raining as the thunders roared. I couldn’t say if the sky was also mourning for her death or the situation wants me to mourn for her with a good scenario of water droplets and angry thunders, but I knew I didn’t stay long to see this happen any longer.

How could this have happened? Why wasn’t I there to save her? I know I was always there. Always! What makes this day different?! —

Touma took a turn in a dark alley, his heart beating rapidly as the adrenaline keeps him active and running. He disregarded the sweat flowing on his face and now mixed with tears on his cheeks.

He leaned on the wall, giving himself support to still stand. He sobbed silently for a while, reminding himself of good memories they had. Remembering the last time he saw her alive.

if only he followed her afterwards. If only he came in the nick of time. If only…

The guilt and pain inside him mixed his feelings to a twist of heartbreak that he can’t take. He can repel any magic, any form of ability, any level and no matter how strong it was, he can make it all go away. His right hand.

Touma lifted his right hand to stare at it, as if blaming the death to his right hand.

After a few moments of competing a staredown with his hans, he balled it into fists and started hitting the walls without hesitation. It will hurt. It will bleed. But for some reason he felt numb. He didn’t feel the pain because something more painful than his hurting hand was overwhelming him.

“‘What are you doing?’ Asks MISAKA.” a familiar voice said behind him. Touma lands his fist one last time on the wall before pushing his head towards it.

“I’m going crazy, aren’t I?” He said, without turning around, knowing the sound is from his head.

“‘You’re hitting an enemy you can’t see. MISAKA is not sure whether it’s in a degree that coun as crazy.’ MISAKA states with a hint of confusion.” The girl behind him replied.

Touma heard footsteps behind him and turned around to see who he was talking to. But there was no one there.

“Misaka?” He wanted to call out to her ‘ghost’.

When no voice replied, he scoffed and massages his head with his left hand. He felt he’d lose his sanity if he doesn’t find a way to mourn for Misaka without killing himself.

“Idiot.” He told himself, trying to copy how Misaka would call him.

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